How To Install BGMI On PC Using Emulator – download BGMI On PC

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is the new name for PUBG Mobile India, and works the same way. It is a shooter game which allows up to hundred players to compete with each other at a time.


Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is the new name for PUBG Mobile India, and works the same way. It is a shooter game which allows up to hundred players to compete with each other at a time. You can obviously play BGMI in PC.

How To Install BGMI On PC – Step By Step Guide

The game can be played in different styles, either a player alone fighting with others or one can create a group of four friends and then they can fight the other teams together. With a wide range of weapons, BGMI offers the shooters detailed experiences through their journey in different combats.

What the players have to do is to kill all other game characters and the last person which survives wins the tournament and also gets rewards and points. To keep the game exciting, the makers have added a range of six distinct maps which are based on different real world locations. In this way you can download BGMI APK Free download for Pc.

Download BGMI APK

BGMI For windows

These include Sanhok which is based on Htukkanthein Temple in Myanmar, Erangel which is based on a Russian island, Miramar which is based on a fictional desert in Mexico, Karakin which is based on an island in North Africa, and some other locations. You can read following articles, how Pc version of BGMI can be played.

How to download BGMI on PC?

BGMI PC can be played on computers or laptops for free but it requires a few steps to be completed first.  On PC you can also Download BGMI Lite APK

Here are some steps for how to download BGMI in PC, that you can follow.

Download any emulator for your device

Emulators are softwares which let you do tasks on a device which you are otherwise not able to, like playing android games on Windows etc.

There are multiple emulators that let us play android games on our PC and laptops. The first thing you have to do is to download and install an emulator on your PC. Here are some suggestions we’d like to give about what emulator to use that you can you to Install BGMI on PC.


Bluestacks is one of the most efficiently-working emulators and surely the most popular one used today. Just search on the Google search bar and download it from the official Bluestacks Website. Next step is installing it, if you are going for this option. Bluestacks works properly to play BGMI on Pc.

Bluestacks Android

Nox Player

Nox Player is one other very good option for you to download BGMI on Pc. Just like Bluestacks, you can use this too to play BGMI on your Windows PC. Keeping it as a second choice is a better idea, but there’s surely no issue in downloading Nox Player emulator for your apps. It can also help you if you are a Mac user. You can use Nox Player for play BGMI on Pc and iOS devices.


LD Player

The LD Player emulator was not used for this purpose from the start, but now it surely is used all over the world to download and play android games like Battlegrounds Mobile India on Windows devices. If not the above two options, you can go for this one and proceed to the next step.

LD Player

Install the emulator

After your application has been downloaded, click on the icon and get your emulator installed. It will take a few seconds if your connection is secure, then You can install BGMI on PC.

Sign in to your Google Play Store account

Open Bluestacks and you’ll see a Play Store option. Go to the Play Store and register or sign in your account. 

Search for BGMI game

Go to the search bar and type Battlegrounds Mobile India. You’ll get to see an option which shows this application, click on it and download it on your PC.

Install the game on your device

Click on the install button and wait for a few minutes till the BGMI is installed on your device. The time for installation depends on the quality of your network connection.

Click on the game icon to play

Last thing to do after your BGMI has been installed is, click on the BGMI icon placed in your Bluestacks app, where the Play Store is located as well. Start the BGMI and enjoy!

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Minimum PC requirements to download BGMI

Here are the minimum requirements you need in order to download BGMI on your PC.

  • Network Internet Connection – Broadband or Fiber Internet Connection for good gaming experience
  • Maximum Network Ping – Maximum 80ms network ping is required if you want real fast and smooth gaming experience. Having more network ping than this will result in your game lagging stopping from time to time. 
  • Hard Disk Space – 4GB minimum space is required.
  • Operating System – 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • Processor – Intel Core i3-4340/ AMD FX 6400 Memory
  • RAM – Minimum Ram 4GBGraphics, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • Directx – Updated Version 11

What system requirements do we recommend

Here are the system requirements we recommend you to have for excellent working of the game on your device.

  • Operating System should be 64-bit Windows 10
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM is a good choice
  • Processor required: AMD Ryzen 5-1600 or Intel Core i5-7600K
  • Graphics should be Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or more

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 4 GB RAM is the minimum requirement for one to download the Battlegrounds Mobile India game on PC. Storage any lesser than this would not help downloading this game. However we recommend you to play it on a device having more storage than 4 GB.

Yes, there is a very easy way to download and play BGMI on your PC or Laptop. The steps to do it are described in detail above.


For those who want to enjoy playing the Battlegrounds Mobile India Android game on Windows, don’t you guys worry, we have a very easy way to download it. Downloading an emulator and then installing the BGMI on it from the Play Store will do it easily.

However, you’ll have to check the system requirements needed to install the BGMI Mod APK on your device as it needs a minimum of 4 GB RAM and some other requirements. Once you are all set, install the game and enjoy!