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BGMI Free Uc

BGMI Free UC Tricks (660UC)

BGMI has become a recent hit after PUBG got banned and it would be safe to say that it can be considered one of the most downloaded games of the industry. Like most of the games, BGMI APK also has its own currency called UC- Unknown Cash. 

How to get bgmi free uc

What’s the worst part about this in-game currency is that it has to be bought using real money which many out there don’t really afford. It is for this reason that the players start searching for other alternatives to obtain it and if you are in this quest too, the following article will prove to be a lot helpful. 

Ways To Get Unlimited BGMI UC

Following are some of the ways to get UC in BGMI, because these UCs helps to Get Free Royal Pass in BGMI.


Although it may sound a little absurd, giveaways are something you should always look up to when searching for BGMI free UCs. This is particularly because of the fact that many social media content creators and other tournament organizers tend to give these for free in order to grow their account.

This a win win for both sides; the content creators increasing their reach and the users getting free UCs. It is one of the safest methods out there in order to earn these. 

Google Opinion Rewards App

Google Opinion Reward is an application which can aid you in earning BGMI UCs indirectly. This app presents various surveys which grant Google Pay balance upon completion.

This balance can then be utilized to Purchase UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India app from Play Store.

Google Opinion Reward

All you have to do is open the in-game store in BGMI and select whatever you want and in the payment method selection section, opt for the Google Pay Balance option. 

Poll Pay App

This app is similar to the above mentioned one and best BGMI UC App, as it presents various quizzes and some additional tasks which generate rewards in return. These rewards can then be transformed into Google Pay Balance which can be used to buy UC in BGMI. Poly Pay app uses as BGMI Free UC App.


This app provides a number of games which can be played in order to earn points. Not only can this app be used as a source of entertainment but it can also generate you bonuses which can then be converted into Google Pay balance. 

Winzo App

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How To Get UC In BGMI Through Google Play Credit?

In order to Purchase BGMI UC in the game through Google Pay Credit, following points may prove to be helpful

  • First of all, open the game on your device. 
  • Then, head over to the ‘+’ signed tab which represents UC. 
  • You can select whatever UC you want from the range of options provided. 
  • Select the payment method after choosing the UC type. 
  • Opt for Google Play Balance. 
  • Tap on continue when asked for payment process and as soon as the process is completed, the UC will be present in your account.

Yes, there is an App named Google Opinion Rewards that gives free BGMI Uc

Poll pay is most trustable app for BGMI UC Free. This app provide unlimited BGMI UC for free.

For getting 30 UC in BGMI, you should follow some steps regularly as daily task. When you complete daily task you can get free 5 UC daily. You can also get free UC by taking challenges and take part in special events. Check store regularly for free BGMI UC because there can be great deals for BGMI UC. You can also Buy BGMI UC with real money.