How To Get Anna Character In BGMI For Free – Rewards And costumes

Just like other characters introduced in the Battlegrounds Mobile India game( BGMI APK), Anna is the latest one to be included in the BGMI that was released on C2S6 royal pass event and is the talk of the town nowadays. Anna is decent probe reporter character.

Anna Character in BGMI

For Anna, the developer of BGMI set up a gift event. This gift will give 350 character vouchers for BGMI and PUBG mobile.

Many people are wondering how to get this powerful character in the BGMI. The good news is, Anna can become available in crates without costing you extra money. Crates are the goods you can buy through Battle points or BPs which are earned by winning various challenges. Users need Characters vouchers to unlock Anna character in BGMI

What are the benefits of getting Anna as your main character? Well, she has got some awesome skills! She plays the role of an investigator in the BGMI and is very talented when it comes to fighting. This is how you can get Anna in BGMI.

How to get Anna in BGMI with UC or Vouchers

Anna costs 600 UC (the in-game currency) and if you don’t have that much money, you can choose collecting vouchers. This character can be purchased by collecting only 350 vouchers now. Here’s how you can earn vouchers.

Anna character
  • Playing the game for 60 minutes gets you 15 vouchers and 350 BP. 
  • Playing the game for 200 minutes gets you 35 vouchers and 650 BP.
  • Win from a total of twelve enemies and you’ll get 30 vouchers.
  • If you log in for one day, you get 10 vouchers and 200 BP.
  • If you log in for two days, you get 20 vouchers and 400 BP.
  • If you log in for 3 days, you get 30 vouchers and 600 BP.
  • If you log in for 5 days, you get 50 vouchers and 1000 BP.
  • Completing one match gives you 10 vouchers and 200 BP.

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Get the Anna character in BGMI for free

If you don’t want to spend a single penny on getting Anna for your battles, here’s what you need to do. This article will help you to get Anna character.

Step I

Wait for the crates to become available. In the meantime, all you have to do is to complete all kinds of challenges and missions so that you can earn a maximum number of battle points. 

Step II

After she becomes available in the crates, check out what price she gets unlocked in. If you do not have enough in-game points to get her, make sure you win enough battles to get more BP.

Step III

Make your purchase and enjoy Anna’s exciting stats without spending any in game money.

Level up rewards related to Anna’s character

There is a series of different levels completing which earns you different rewards related to Anna. Here is the list. 

  • Level 1 – Anna 
  • Level 2 – Anna Voice Pack
  • Level 3 – Anna Character Voucher
  • Level 4 – Character Shard
  • Level 5 – Further Analysis 
  • Level 6 – Anna Voice Pack 
  • Level 7 – Character Voucher 
  • Level 8 – Character Shard 
  • Level 9 – Anna Voice Pack 
  • Level 10 – MVP

Recap – How To Get Anna Character In BGMI

Anna’s character in BGMI is the most powerful character in BGMI. Anna can be unlocked by completing missions and challenges. This character plays the role of investigator while fighting. This character cost’s 600 UC.