How To Add Friends In BGMI Step-By-Step Guide

Battleground Mobile India is a reshaped version of the PUBG game with some changes. Making new friends in real life or the online world is always amazing.

how to add friends in bgmi

One might wonder, “How to add friends to this game?”. So here we will explore how to accomplish this task.

How To Invite Friends In BGMI

There are some different ways to add friends in this game.

How To Add Friends Manually In BGMI

  • Log in to your BGMI
  • Click on the Friends icon just below you profile icon
  • Click on the search bar in that section and write down your Character ID or his/her name
  • Every character in this game have a unique ID when you will put your friends ID it will show his Profile
  • Send him/her a request and it will show a notification 
  • Then your friend will accept the request

How To Play BGMI With Facebook Friends?

  • Open BGMI friends menu by tapping right below your username
  • You will access those friends who are already added on your facebook.
  • Tap on search bar and you will be presented with of players whom you have recently played with.
  • Scroll down if you don’t see your desired name you want to make a friend
  • When you find your desired name you have to tap on that name and you will see a set of options. 
  • You have to tap on the add friend button in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • A dialogue box will pop up where you can put comments along with your friend request

how To Make Partners In BGMI

  • In this method you would have to react right after playing a game
  • In case you died early in the game you would have to wait for all of your four partners to either die or win the game
  • After the game ends you will see a result of performance of every player in the game
  • Locate ADD FRIEND icon on the right side of each players name 
  • Tap on the ADD FRIEND button and initiate a friend request
  • Now it’s up to your Guy to accept or reject the request

How to Add Friends in BGMI using Game ID

  • You can send a request if desired person and you are in a same lobby
  • Click on partners profile and a set of options will pop up
  • Now you can send him request

How to accept and Reject Friend Requests In BGMI?

  • When you will receive a friend request, you will see a number on your notification icon.
  • Friend requests appear on the same button which shows friend list. 
  • Now you see two options accept and reject.
  • It’s up to you to accept or reject the request.

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recap – how To Add Friends In BGMI

There is a complete guide how to add friends in Battleground Mobile India (BGMI)? The methods discussed include adding friends manually by searching for their character ID or name, adding Facebook friends who are already playing BGMI, making partners in the game by sending friend requests after playing together, and adding friends in the same lobby using the game ID. The article also briefly mentions how to accept or reject friend requests in BGMI.