How To Get Character Voucher In BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is the most popular Battle royale game. BGMI introduces its own mechanics.

BGMI characters

This game has gained in popularity because of its thrilling game experience, in-game currency and introduction of new characters. These characters got popular within BGMI Mod APK users.

At the beginning there were no characters in pubg and BGMI. The developer introduced these characters. This was actually competition within the Garena Free fire that has been provided to the game.

The developers of BGMI have added some dedicated content to keep their users engaged and focused in the game. The results of introducing characters were quite good.

Andy and Sara are Quite popular characters in BGMI. These dedicated characters can be unlocked through character vouchers.

Surely You want to know how to get Character Vouchers in BGMI APK

Characters Available In BGMI

Here are some exclusive Characters in BGMI. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Victor
  2. Sara
  3. Carlo
  4. Andy
  5. Anna

1.BGM Character Victor

At an early stage there were only three characters, but these characters were not free. These characters can be purchased by the UC. Victor is not only a common character but it can be redeemed for free which doesn’t wait for character shard exchange.

You can say that victor  doesn’t have a big impact on the game, but it is most fighter looking character in BGMI. We recommend you to download BGMI 2.4 Update APK.

2. BGM Character Sara

Now we come to the most preferred character in BGMI, which is the Sara character. Sara is a vehicle expert and the first female character in BGMI.

The vehicle Sara rides takes less damage in EvoGround matches. Sara is a cheaper character in BGMI, it only costs 600 UC.

While using Sara characters, players use vehicles like Dacia or UAZ. Sara’s voice pack is also popular in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

3. BGMI Character Carlo

Carlo was the second male character introduced in BGMI. Carlo is a Bounty Hunter who has learned to use different weapons and has extraordinary survival skills. The price of Carlo characters in BGMI is 1200 UC or 1200 character shards.

While using Carlo character in EvoGrounds match players get less damage. Among all the character’s outfit, Carlo Hunter outfit has rare detailing.

4. BGM Character Andy

Andy is the slyest in-game character in BGMI. Andy is a magician in all characters of BGMI. Andy was a magician and puppeteer whose career got ruined in an accident. Since then, Andy has been a master in gun skill.

Andy can be unlocked by 1200 UC or 1200 character shards. He’s got the fastest drawing and reloading times because he has expertise in magic and guns.

5. BGMI Character Anna

Anna is the latest second female character in BGMI. Anna character works as an investigation officer in BGMI. Anna can be unlocked in 600 UC or in 600 character shards. Anna is also a vehicle expert and can fortify your vehicle.

Anna character

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BGMI Character List

There are five BGMI character which are available.

BGMI Characters Price
Andy1200 UC
Carlo 1200 UC
Anna 600 UC
Sara 600 UC

How To get Character Voucher In bGMI

You can get a BGMI character voucher in two ways. The first method by which you can get character voucher is through the UC. First user will purchase UC through an in-game shop, then you can spend these UCs on character vouchers.

These character vouchers will make it possible to purchase a character. There is also a second way to get character in BGMI, and that is through the event of BGMI.

How To Get character Vouchers in BGMI For Free

The developer of BGMI put out events that provide character vouchers to BGMI users. From that event users can get character skins and can get character directly. The best way to get unlimited free character vouchers is events.

First of all, the user will complete the event mission. When the user completes this mission it can collect enough character vouchers and can unlock characters. You can also learn the basic tips and tricks for beginners in BGMI.