Battlegrounds Mobile India – Tips And Tricks For Beginners in BGMI

When BGMI launched in India there was confusion about the gameplay of BGMI in users. Actually BGMI was launched after the ban of PUBG Mobile.

Tips and tricks for beginner in BGMI

So after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India we can say that the basic gameplay of BGMI remains the same as PUBG Mobile.

If you are a new user of BGMI, and have never played any battle royale game like BGMI so don’t worry, we will help you out to speed up your gameplay. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks for the beginners in BGMI.

As you know BGMI is banned in India and not available on Google play store and Apps Store, you can download BGMI APK file.

Some Best Tips And Tricks for Beginners In BGMI

We provide the tricks are for beginners in BGMI not for daily use to train beginners in game.

Chose Best Spot To Land

First of all beginners should know where to land in gameplay. Because safe landing is most important for beginners for their survival.

New players should choose the best spot for landing, and not recommended to land in the hot drops like lurk, Sosnovka Military Base and Pochinki.

Beginners should avoid that spot while seeing the flight path of the aeroplane. Because these spots eagerly start with gunfights.

best landing spot in BGMI

For beginners it is good to stay far away where more players are fighting each other. New users  should go for less hostile areas so that they can easily defeat enemies.

Choosing the best spot for landing is the best trick for beginners while playing BGMI. We recommend you to download BGMI Mod APK.  

Study the map

New users of BGMI should never underestimate the importance of Map. Users should be aware and explicit about the movement around the map in BGMI. Take time to understand the prominent spot through a map.

In this way you can learn where to loot, terrain, composition buildings etc. Avoiding igh gunfights will also help beginners to survive for a long time in matches.

Studying the map while landing in game will prove the best tip for beginners in BGMI. You can download Undawn APK from our website.

Chose Weapons Wisely

Weapons are the most loyal friends in BGMI while playing games. You will never win the Chicken dinner without choosing special guns. So for the better game experience choose a weapon wisely.

As you make sure of your landing you should do fast to find weapons and be alert to get one pistol, a gun and melee to defend yourself while fighting. If you find M416 glacier skin while progressing in game it will help you more to use guns excessively.

Search for heavy damage guns in game like M416, M762, Snipper riffle, Assault rifle and AKM. These guns are quite enough to damage enemies in the game. Choosing a weapon is that trick by which a beginner can ensure his longer survival in the game.

Playing As a Squad

The big achievement for a beginner BGMI player is to play with the squad. Always play BGMI with proper squad, specially when you are new on the battlefield. Playing with a proper squad is better than playing with a random squad of players.

Play BGMI with squad

Playing as a squad improves your fighting skills on the battlefield and as well as it ensures your survival. Always play with your friends’ squad that knows about your game skills and tactics.

Playing as a team will help you to survive a long in game. Playing BGMI as a squad is also a big tip and trick for the beginner. You would also like to download Mech Arena Mod APK.

Use A Vehicle While Moving In Open Place

Beginners should know the most important point: don’t move in an open place without a vehicle in gameplay. Get a car or buggy that is easily available in the garage or on the roads.

Vehicle for BGMI

If you walk freely in the gameplay, enemies can spot you easily and defeat you within a minute. So vehicles are also used as a cover to hide from enemies. While driving a vehicle don’t stop with your enemies first make sure your cover. Using a vehicle in BGMI is also a best trick for beginner.

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Frequently Asked Question

BGMI is quite easy to play, you need to play daily to improve your playing skills.

For beginners there are basic tips and tricks for playing BGMI, studying map, learn how to cover, chose better weapons and engage with gunfights.