How To Fix BGMI Facebook Login Problem? Step-By-Step Guide

While login BGMI with facebook a new bug is found that is causing the issue. This issue is faced again and again by the users when trying to login with Facebook. 

BGMI Login fb issue

BGMI Facebook Login Error

Read this article you will learn How to fix this glitch ”App not active this app is not accessible”. This issue is not a server error. If this issue was server error then it was possible that BGMI didn’t login with Twitter also. This issue can be resolved if you try and retry again and again. This error could be a Facebook update error.

BGMI facebook Login issue

How Is the Facebook BGMI FB Login Problem Issue Caused?

If BGMI Facebook login Problem is an error or your device glitch? If it’s a device glitch it should face one or two users but it is faced by many users that should be resolved. This glitch should be resolved at earliest as it is an issue of many users that clearly implies that it’s not a device glitch. It seems that this issues is not going to be resolved sooner.

Recap – BGMI Login Issue

If you failed to resolve BGMI facebook login error then try to clear cache, Reset your phone. Try to logout and login again to your account. Players who are facing an error message that reads, Server authentication error.

Failed to login Now that problem has been resolved, players can access to login. There was a glitch that we don’t exactly know what happened to the server. We can assume that it was not issue with whole server.

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