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BGMI royale pass is available for mobile too, it might seem a little unnatural at first but don’t worry this article will help you about complete gameplay of BGMI game. BGMI offers everything that user can get by PUBG Mobile.

BGMI Royal Pass

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI(formerly called PUBG Mobile India) is the same PUBG game, but it is designed for the Indian gamers alone. BGMI is a shooter game consisting of different gameplay styles, where as many as hundred players can compete with each other. Its a mobile version of BGMI that has different modifications.

They have to shoot others in order to survive, and the last alive character wins the battle. Players are given options in which they can either compete with others alone or form groups of four people and then fight other groups.

This action shooter game has gained a lot of audience worldwide, and so has the BGMI done in India. BGMI game is popular enough so, and it been out on Xbox and PC and become on of this best game in the world.

Battlegrounds Mobile india uc royal pass

BGMI Royal Pass

After completing several missions and challenges in the BGMI, players can earn Royal Pass in game points, which results in them getting BGMI Royal Pass.

BGMI Free Royal Pass allows the players to earn prizes in the game. However, one royal pass can be used only until the season ends. After it, players have to earn or buy another Free BGMI Royal Pass.

free royal pass bgmi

You can check the remaining time from the BGMI lobby. It costs 960 UC (in-game currency), however there are some ways one can earn it for free. These free BGMI UC can be use by Downloading BGMI APK. BGMI Modder APK is not available for every who play BGMI, Because its private yet.

How To Get A Free Royal Pass In BGMI?

Not everybody is willing to spend money on buying the BGMI Royal Pass, but everyone surely wants it somehow. If you too are looking to get a RP for free in the BGMI APK, here are some options you can try.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application designed by Google LLC through which players can earn a royal pass for free. All you have to do is to create a free Google profile if you don’t have one and install the Google Opinion Rewards app.

You will be asked to answer a few quick surveys which will be available only to the BGMI players. Answering these surveys gets you rewards in the form of money in dollars through which you can purchase UC in the Battlegrounds Mobile India. After collecting 960 UC, go for buying the Royal Pass.

2. Poll Pay

Poll Pay works in a similar way as the Google Opinion Rewards app in BGMI. Just download the app, and complete a few tasks as they say.

Doing this will earn you rewards in the form of money through which one can buy any in-game thing including the Free BGMI UC and the Royal Pass. It’s just one easy way to get this seasonal pass easily!

3. Giveaways

Many Battlegrounds Mobile India players can be seen streaming their videos on YouTube or some other platforms. Many of these arrange tournaments among the BGMI players and then the winners get a giveaway which can be a BGMI Royal Pass.

So, what you have to do is to participate in the BGMI Giveaway competitions and get a chance to win the Royal Pass. However, this method does not guarantee that you’ll get it for sure as not all the people get to win giveaways. However, we suggest you just trust your luck and give it a go!

4. Download WinZO

You might have heard the name if you’re an Indian Premier League fan, since Winzo is one of the sponsors for the Kolkata Knight Riders team. Yeah it is quite a popular application, and how does it work for BGMI?

Well just download the Winzo app, play the games it offers to you and earn real money or even the in-game UC currency. After collecting 360 or 960 BGMI Free UC, depending on the type of RP you want to purchase, buy a BGMI Royal Pass.

5. Download Rooter

Just like WinZO, this third-party gaming application lets you earn money for real without investing a single penny. Rooter has been working to arrange tournaments between BGMI players for a long time now and hence this app helps you get a Free BGMI Royal Pass.

Download Rooter

The procedure of getting it includes downloading the Rooter app, registering through your number, playing free games and earning real or in-game money until you get either an Elite Royal Pass (which costs 360 UC) or an Elite Plus Royal Pass (which costs 960 UC).

6. Ask Your UC-Rich Friends

If you are a Battlegrounds Mobile India player, we are sure that you have a lot of gamer friends. If any of them is rich in in-game currency, you can request him to lend you enough money to buy a Royal Pass.

As you know that the points you earn make the UC (for every 1000 game points one earns, he gets 100 UC), if your friend has got excessive points, request him to share some with you and buy the Royal Pass with it.

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Getting a free Royal Pass is the need of almost every BGMI player right now, and there are quite a few ways to do it.

To be honest, getting it for free is not possible, but one can earn money online without any serious effort to buy a Royal Pass. This can either be done through the Google Opinion Rewards and the Poll Pay apps, Winzo, Rooter or any other third party applications (which do not require Google access), which pay you for answering some survey questions, completing some tasks and playing games, or by participating in the giveaways.