GFX Tool Pro Mod APK For BGMI And PUBG V30.3.0 (Paid/Patched)

GFX Tool Pro Mod APK for BGMI, is a helper app which adds to the beauty of a lot of BGMI and lets you enjoy a smooth and fast BGMI and PUBG experience even if you don’t own a gaming device. 

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI

Here you can get GFX Tool pro for PUBG and BGMI latest version and as well as old versions. We are providing all version of GFX Tool Pro for BGMI APK and PUBG.

Info Table Of GFX Tool Pro APK for BGMI

NameGFX Tool Pro For BGMI APK
Size 11 MB
Mod FeaturesPaid/Patched
RequireAndroid 6.0
Last Update24 January, 2023

GFX Tool Pro for BGMI APK And PUBG

BGMI GFX Tool Premium Mod APK is a must if you are having problems in adjusting your device’s graphics and resolution, battery drainage and many other problems. For Android users, the APK file of this GFX Tool can be downloaded easily and all of its features can be availed.

You can Download GFX Tool For PUBG and BGMI Mod APK from the link given above.

GFX Tool pro

BGMI APK Download

Features of GFX Tool Pro BGMI APK

Here are some exciting features the GFX Tool Pro APK holds within it.

Improve game graphics

The gamers can change their game’s graphics with the help of the BGMI GFX Tool Mod APK which lets you adjust the screen graphics and resolution according to your own choice.

If your video cannot be played because of a bad internet connection, you can lower the image resolution which doesn’t stop the game between intervals to load. Graphics can be changed keeping the video at a high resolution as well, especially in PUBG and BGMI, where the game sets itself to a lower resolution.

Say no to bugs

Many unofficial apps are not reliable and they can fill your devices with viruses. Fortunately that’s not the case with GFX Tool Pro APK. It’s a safe and sound application which takes a very little of your space and keeps your gadget free of bugs.

Not only this, GFX Tool Pro APK cleans your mobiles and frees all the extra space occupied in your RAM. After getting cleaned and freed of memory-consuming products, your videos and images will be transferred rapidly and you’ll experience no lag in the BGMI.

Update things in the game

While playing BGMI, GFX Tool Pro Mod APK for BGMI provides you the facility to customize things which can not be updated in the original game. There’s an option of ‘auto-customization’, which results in this application customizing your game for you for a better experience.

No Ads

This application prevents ads from showing up whatever game you are playing. This makes the players play the BGMI more attentively and they get lost inside the gaming world through continuous gaming without any blockages.

User friendly interface

The good thing about this tool is, it can be downloaded on almost any kind of android device, providing joy to everyone. Moreover, the downloading steps are easy and fun. After you have installed GFX Tool Pro For BGMI or PUBG on your device, you’ll be able to see all the options clearly, and things will start to run smoothly.

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Gfx Tool Pro + BGMI & PUBG No Lag No Ban APK

You can get GFX Tool Pro for BGMI and PUBG APK from this page link is given above and there you will find no lag and no ban in this APK file.

GFX Tool Pro For BGMI mod and PUBG Old Version

As a user of BGMI and PUBG, we have installed all the old versions of GFX Tool pro for BGMI and PUBG, including v29.6.0, v29.4.0, v29.3.0, v29.2.0, 28.3.0, 28.0.0, 27.3.0, 27.2.0, 26.5.0, 26.0.0, and 21.5.0. These versions have helped us ensure proper functionality.

How to use GFX Tool Pro APK in your device

First of all, download GFX Tool Pro APK application from the download link given on the page. After it has been downloaded, install it on your device.

The app is easy to use, just go to the settings and change them according to your choice. You can play PUBG or BGMI with it’s help afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is true that tools like GFX are forbidden to use by Karfton, the developer of PUBG and BGMI.

It is because this is an unofficial tool which may change your device’s settings without your permission and it often leads to your mobile getting exhausted due to overwork. Although it has many benefits as well, it is not recommended to be installed on your device by Krafton.

Yes, one of the advantages of installing GFX tool pro on your device is that it completely ends the game lag and gives you a smooth and fast gaming experience. Although your internet speed also matters a lot, GFX has a very important role in ending the game lag.

There are a number of players using the GFX tool for PUBG or BGMI and their accounts are still active.

It is because of the reason that although Krafton does not promote or allow installing GFX on your devices, it does not condemn it completely. Hence, the accounts using GFX Tool won’t be banned easily under normal conditions.

Yes, one can download the GFX tool for games like PUBG and BGMI for absolutely no cost. Just press the download button and get this game installed on your device for free.

Your device should have a storage of more than 11 MB in order to download the file. Moreover, it can be downloaded on a device with an Android version of 4.1 and higher.

Recap – GFX Tool Pro mod APK For BGMI

GFX Tool Pro APK for BGMI, is an application which not only helps gamers to have a fast and smooth video gaming experience, but it also allows them to adjust the image and video graphics and resolution according to their desire, prevents ads from appearing on the screen, is free of all kinds of bugs and viruses, and it cleans the mobile’s space as well.

This unofficial application has a lot of advantages which makes it the gamers’ favorite. The app can be downloaded from this page, and all you have to do is to click on the download button.

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