How To Unlock All Traits In WorldBox Game Step By Step Guide

If you are looking for how to unlock all traits in WorldBox you are in the right place, here you can learn how you can unlock the traits in simulation game WorldBox. Did you know about the traits actually what they are? If you don’t know about those traits you should read this complete Blog.

How To Unlock All Traits In WorldBOX

WorldBox is a popular simulation game, published by Maxim Karpenko in 2012. In this game the players have the choice to develop, moderate or destroy the virtual world constructed with different elements.

What are worldBox Traits

In the WorldBox Mod APK traits are nothing but they are characteristics of the in-game creatures. You can say that traits within the creature make them what they are.

In the Worldbox game creatures often have a trait chance, which distinguishes the overall look and skill. It’s more interesting.

WorldBox Traits And Location

Crippled 2% chance without shield power hurt
Cold Aura Cold Ones, Snowman 
Cursed0.5% chance of Corrupted biome Ghostwalking 
DeceitfulBirth Chance (1.5%)
FastFox, Rabbits, Dog.
Healing Fairies
Poisonous Frog
Savage Zombies, Orcs
Super HealthNone 
TinyBirth Chance (0.5%)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can unlock all traits in worldbox. In blog you can get complete detail how to unlock.

Traits are characteristics that help to develop, moderate and destroy creature.

Recap – How To Unlock All Traits In WorldBox

In this blog we have tried to cover all aspects of Unlock traits in worldbox. You can read how to unlock all traits, what actual traits are and how they work and what have their role in creatures of worldbox. We have also told you how you can collect traits in the worldbox.