BGMI IOS 2.6 Download Latest APK Version Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India on IOS and Android was banned in India due to a number of reasons, but now BGMI APK is available for IOS in the form of BGMI IOS APK as it is for android. You can get BGMI IPA file download link given below.


Info Table Of BGMI IOS APK

Version V2.7.0
File Size 1.9 GB
RequiresIOS 9.0 or later
Compatibility iPhone & iPad
Price Free
Last update November 7, 2023
ProbviderKrafton, inc.

BGMI iOS APK 2.6 Latest Update Download

Although some of the players did agree to this ban, many are still adamant to play the BGMI no matter what.

BGMI for iOS host latest features, that make it effortless and lead to media library. BGMI APK also provides BGMI character Vouchers to unlock the character in game.

BGMI iOS APK download has instinctive user interface that inflate storage capabilities and better streaming performance. The latest version of BGMI APK for iOS 2.6 hits with users with those individuals who are dependent on the BGMI application to ensure their continued state of connectedness and amusement. Here you can get BGMI Latest version for iOS.


If you are also one of those trying to get your hands on this banned game, then we surely have some good news for you. Following is a detailed guide on why the game was banned and how you can Download BGMI IOS APK now.

For the better speed of game, there are tools that can boost up the game speed. That tool also helps in the smoothness of your phone while playing BGMI.

GFX Tool Pro is used in BGMI, that can help users to find new things. This tool also increase the graphics of BGMI. If you are iPhone users you can download BGMI APK for iPhone.

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Why Was BGMI Banned In India?

Many of you would be wondering why such a popular game, BGMI got banned in India. Well, there were multiple issues in the game because of which the government found it necessary to get it blocked. The users are confused that whether they can play BGMI after ban.

One of the reasons behind this BGMI banned was the breach of security. Here you can get iOS BGMI download.

They were of the view that these servers could be easily manipulated. Secondly, the government held the view point that in case the servers were to be used by Indian citizens, then they should be operational in the country too.

It must be taken into account that BGMI is run by a Korean based company. However, above all of these reasons, the gamers are still unwilling to let go of the game and want to play it again no matter what.

The users of BGMI Start using VPN to play BGMI. There are a number of VPNs that can be used to play BGMI after the ban.

It is for this reason that we have brought this good news for you. BGMI download APK for iOS is easy to download and accessible to play your favorite action game.

How To Download BGMI After Ban In iOS

First of all, keep in mind that if you have never deleted BGMI IOS APK from your IOS device after the ban, you can still play it. However, in case you have deleted it then you will have to download it again, and you want to know how to download BGMI in iOS. For download again BGMI iOS APK + OBB file is given.

You can wait till official BGMI Release Date or can Download BGMI IOS APK. Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS download. You can get link for BGMI APK download for iOS latest version given above.


So here is how to Download BGMI 2.6 iOS update. If you are in quest of the most recent iteration of the Battlegrounds Mobile India for the iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) platform. BGMI iOS Download link is also given above.

You will learn in this article that how to download BGMI for iOS. BGMI iOS file download link is available here.

  • Tap on the IPA BGMI IOS APK file given above.
  • After the file is downloaded, open the downloads and tap on it to install it on your device. 

If you have purchased the game BGMI APK before but have deleted it afterwards, then you can just go to the App store and check for the purchases section. Here you will find the game and you can download it again from there. 

BGMI IOS Download Tap Tap

Tap Tap is a third-party website, there you can get a link for download BGMI IOS APK. As tap tap is a third-party website, Krafton did not allow BGMI IOS to be downloaded from a third-party website.

For this BGMI IOS, Krafton is making possibilities to provide BGMI IOS on Apple store. But for now you can do BGMI iOS download APK tap tap without App Store. BGMI APK download ios can be get by tap tap.

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BGMI For IOS Release Date

There are rumours about the BGMI For iOS that BGMI IOS is launching so and espected date is 20 August. The developer of the game had given a sign about BGMI for iOS on their Instagram account.

BGMI iOS APK is also banned in India, users are waiting for Unban date of BGMI iOS also.BGMI for android is still operating because servers of the game are still online in India.

People who play BGMI on Android are waiting for BGMI IOS, so that they can enjoy it on iOS too. BGMI iOS release date is still pending. BGMI iOS download without app store is possible by installing ipa file.

Frequently Asked Question For BGMI IOS

Yes, BGMI Apk can be downloaded on your iOS and Android device even after the ban through several methods. Also, in case you have never deleted it, you can continue to play it smoothly. 

Yes, all you have to do is open the App store and search for the game. Then, click on the get button and then wait for authentication. 

Yes, BGMI Mod APK can be played on all iOS devices from 9.0 and above. You can play the game on iPhone 6s and above models. 


Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI was banned in India due to a number of security concerns but many players want it back no matter what. If you have never deleted the game, you can continue playing it or download it again on your IOS device using the IPA file provided. So you can enjoy and Download BGMI IOS APK