BGMI Unban Date In India Latest News

There is news about BGMI that BGMI is going to unban this year. The developer of BGMI is trying to release BGMI officially very soon.

BGMI Unban date

BGMI was banned due to security and data leaking issues. It is expected that BGMI is going to release in December 2023.

But the exact date of BGMI is not released yet. According to recent development Krafton had fulfill all the criteria of security and game is going to launch within weeks.

Krafton has announced on their official Facebook and Instagram Page that BGMI is going to relaunched on Google play store and as well as App Store.

When will BGMI unban in India?

Available for Android devices and iOS devices, BGMI IOS APK  is an action shooter game just like PUBG, but is exclusively developed by Krafton for the Indian users.

In this game, a player has to compete with up to 99 more players, and the one who shoots all others first, conquers the battle.

BGMI features a large number of different weapons which make it easier for the players to shoot in a style they want. BGMI is an online mobile phone multiplayer game. Moreover, there are some different game modes for you to enjoy.

Not only this, Krafton has added a lot more to the game than just these common features. We recommend you to download Undawn APK.

Why BGMI banned in India?

As we know that Pubg and Free Fire are already banned in India, which the Indian government describes as security issues. Same thing happened to the Battlegrounds Mobile India game as it was banned a few months ago by the authorities.

No detailed explanation by the Indian government has been given after the incident but after some events, it was concluded that it happened because of the BGMI having servers in countries other than India as well, especially China.

A year ago, due to some conflicts between the two countries, India banned a lot of applications due to this reason, and the BGMI is one of them. Fake rumours were being spread by youtubers that BGMI is re-launching soon. But BGMI is still playable in India if you download BGMI APK file.

BGMI unban date in India 2023 – Govt Notice

We get to hear the same question by all the BGMI fans in India, when will this masterpiece get unbanned by the authorities? Well, the good news is, it can be unbanned anytime soon.

In this article you will get to know about unban date of BGMI, what was the reason that  government banned the game and BGMI rumours and highlights.


Although this is not an official announcement made by the Indian government, there are signs leading us to make that conclusion. Krafton, the developer of BGMI, said that all efforts are being put into this issue and the team is trying its best to get BGMI unbanned as soon as possible.

The most expected unban date of BGMI is the early 2023, as per most of the sources.

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Leaks about BGMI unban in India

Firstly, some new game features were added to BGMI by Krafton on February 27, 2023, which leads us to think that BGMI is coming to us soon, although all the additions were removed some time later.

Secondly, the in-game currency which could usually be seen in dollars, can now be seen as available in Indian rupees. What do you guys think this proves? Moreover, many YouTubers and BGMI streamers were seen talking about the BGMI unban, leaving us all in excitement for the game return.

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Krafton BGMI unban news twitter

Krafton calmed down the players through their press release in which it said “KRAFTON is continuing its efforts to resume services for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) and will continue investing in the Indian games market.”

Hence we all can expect the game relaunching soon, but because no definite date has been provided to us by the makers, we have to wait for a little but an indefinite period of time to get to play this game again.

Frequently Asked Questions

BGMI is removed from the Google Play store and App Store, but it BGMI is still playable with APK file.

If the ban of BGMI is permanent, then users have already found alternatives. Yes with the use of VPN you can play BGMI in India.